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Get your things shipped with a click of a button!


How does it work?

  • What will I need to do?

    Tell us:

    1. What you want to ship
    2. Where it is going
    3. When we can pick it up

  • What will we do?

    Deliverease will:

    1. Generate your shipping label
    2. Come and retrieve your item(s)
    3. Bring your item(s) to our warehouse
    4. Securely package and label your item(s)
    5. Drop off your package to a nearby shipping facility
    6. Post your tracking number in-app, ASAP

Can I use deliverease if I am selling my item on selling apps like Mercari, eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

Absolutely! Simply select the option to ship on your own while listing your item. Once your item has sold, head over to deliverease! We will handle everything, from generating your shipping label, to picking up and getting your item shipped!

Why deliverease?


Once you receive your free welcome package, simply tell us what, where and when you want to ship your item. Leave the rest to us!


Don't worry, no need to weigh your items! We use the "if it fits, it ships" model. The entire process takes <2 minutes! Easy breezy.


Our team is fully devoted to handling each item with extreme care. All necessary precautions are being taken as safety measures against COVID-19. Allow deliverease to do all the legwork and get your items from point A to point B in just a couple days.

No more shipping stresses!


No more having to go on a scavenger hunt just to find that packaging tape hidden in your junk drawer.


No more having to find the perfect box and then having to properly package your own items.


And finally, no more having to take your hefty boxes to the post office only to have to wait in those lengthy, never-ending lines!

Do you have questions?

Not sure how this app can help you? Wonder why you need to use deliverease?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

One more time please, what does deliverease do?
Deliverease provides the unique on-demand service of picking up, packaging, labeling and shipping your item. Once your item has shipped, deliverease will notify you via a tracking number within the app!
Why should I use deliverease?
Only choose deliverease if you need to ship something and do not feel like:
a) searching for a box that fits your needs
b) printing out a shipping label
c) packaging your items
d) taping up your box + attaching that shipping label onto your box
e) paying to schedule a predetermined pickup (or taking your hefty box to the post office)
f) once shipped, having to manually enter that lengthy tracking number into a web browser to check the status of your shipment

...hey, it can be a hassle, we know!
Does deliverease actually ship my item(s)?
Deliverease is simply the “middle-man” between you and the post office. Once deliverease provides your tracking number, the shipping provider takes over and will complete the item delivery.
Why do I need a deliverease tote bag to use the app?
Deliverease has streamlined a process to make it as easy as possible for its users to ship items, and this includes using deliverease tote bags. All deliverease tote bags (absolutely free!) come with a unique identifier for each customer. This unique ID is then used by deliverease staff to accurately prepare the shipping materials needed for your item.
Why are you guys sending me two free tote bags?
Once deliverease picks up your initial tote bag, we want to make sure you still have another bag if you want to place an order. Once a deliverease driver comes to pick up your 2nd bag, they will be sure to return the 1st bag so you can easily continue to ship items as needed. As for why are they free? Because we like you.
Does deliverease ship international mail?
Currently, deliverease only supports domestic mailing.
Is it safe to use deliverease?
We have handpicked our drivers and they have been trained to treat your items with great care upon item pickup and item drop-off. Once dropped off to our facility, our staff treats all items with extreme delicacy and packs it based on the item needs. We then hand-deliver your package(s) to the post office for shipping.
Does deliverease offer same-day shipping?
Yes! If you schedule a pickup before 12pm on a non-Sunday, your item will be picked up and shipped on the same day! Once shipped, a tracking number will be posted within the app.
What shipping services are supported with deliverease?
USPS® Flat Rate shipping options are currently supported.
Where can I learn more about deliverease?
Download the app! Questions or concerns? Submit them below!

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